George and Arlene Brown own Briar Hill, the largest Thoroughbred breeding farm in Massachusetts, situated on land in Rehoboth that has been in George's family since 1860.  This documentary centers on the Browns as a beautifully functioning team, the enormous amount of work their business entails, the economic ramifications that this enterprise has within the state economy and the intimate connection to the uncertain future of Suffolk Downs, a small, once prestigious, racetrack just outside of Boston.

Only people thoroughly schooled in the business of Thoroughbred racing understand that horses bred in state receive higher purse percentages when raced in that state.  Therefore, the closing of the small, but venerable, Suffolk Downs, the only racetrack in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, negatively impacts every breeding farm. 
This problem, invisible to those driving by Briar Hill Farm, noticing horses grazing in the paddocks, foals leaping near their mares, lies at the heart of this interactive documentary as does the way that Thoroughbred racing impacts the total economy of the state in multiple, if unseen, ways.